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Kick back & relax

We make furniture to fit

Beautiful ready and custom furniture created locally. Our team will transform your ideas into a reality. Our skilled manufacturers will produce furniture to fit your needs and unique lifestyle, all by staying within your budget. Our installers will put the fruit of your ideas into place. Planning together & manufacturing for you.

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Who are we?

We are manufacturers who pride ourselves in making furniture. In collaboration with your ideas, we can custom create an extremely broad variety of furniture to suit your needs. We use the best modern techniques and people in the industry. We use the best equipment for our production and only the best craftsmen will install your product in your home. We are not building something from the readily-made cubes. We design with you and our state of the art machines and technology will make it happen. You do not need to take bits and pieces from overseas and then try to fit it into your lifestyle. You give us ideas, we design together and make it here, locally for you. The best part, the project will perfectly fit into your space and it will fit in your budget... no middlemen.

Learn to love your home again.

Our production cycle is clear, fast and flexible. We are running flexible computer based production environment, which will help to make precision furniture according to your needs and taste in very short period of time.

Urban living is a dream and we can help to make it really comfortable. It is a real challenge to find furniture to fit your loft. We are leaving this challenge to your imagination, rest we will take care off.  

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