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We specialize in modern custom cabinets. Our bestselling products are flat panel White High Gloss cabinets with 3D brushed chrome tape.

In addition to creating high quality custom cabinets, we have cabinets in-stock, available on our catalog.

Custom cabinets

Cabinets, doors, and panels in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes created custom to fit your needs

Cabinet refacing

By replacing the door panels only, you can freshen the look of your cabinets in an affordable way


Upon request

Additional charges may apply


Upon request

Additional charges may apply

Complementary design

Custom cabinet design & price quotation free of charge

Referrals & contractor discounts

Referrals receive a 10% discount off of your next order

Discounts apply when purchasing in bulk


So, you want a budget kitchen, not fancy but functional, with soft close doors, lighting, beautiful, and solid which will serve your needs for years to come - let's drop some ideas together. You got it - we get it done fast, right, and in your budget.

You want really something unique? We have the capability to create your unique color, design, logo, 3D imprint, whatever you can think of. Your desire is your limit. You will proudly show your guests, friends, and family your remarkable kitchen.

Classical, brown, cherry wood? You got it!

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An issue we all face is the lack of space, especially when we have guests staying over, whether it be a babysitter, friends, or families. Isn't it time to get smart solutions for the space we already have. Instead of investing in $1,300/sq ft of extra space, maybe it is better to invest in smart furniture. It will transform space from office to bedroom in no time. Transfer playroom to bedroom or have extra storage, let's see what we can achieve!

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Let's plan your space in bathroom together; let's get smart and use space efficiently. Let's use materials which will withstand the humidity. Let's create smart storage and prevent cluttering. What about a laundry room, powder room, second generation basement, or maybe turn that basement into a rental for extra income. Whatever you dream of, share your ideas, plan with us, we'll have it installed quickly and precisely, all within your budget!

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